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You have come to the right place: the Carbon Credit Guide summarises the best strategies and tools to effectively use carbon credits in your company.

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Your compact guide to planning, selecting, and purchasing carbon credits.

When offsetting business-generated, hard-to-avoid greenhouse gases with carbon credits, a lot can go wrong. It is best to say on the safe side from the very outset. The Carbon Credit Guide explains how carbon credits can enrich your sustainability strategy, how to find the right certificates, and what to consider when handling them.

Helpful insights into the carbon credit market from the carbon offset expert.

The market for voluntary carbon credits is an indispensable component for achieving the UN climate protection goals and also offers many benefits for your company. The Carbon Credit Guide, complete with a step-by-step guide, infographics, and a checklist, shows you how to achieve your sustainability goals and communicate them wisely. Get started!